List of Nominations.

"Best Documentary" The Nominees

Fonja (Germany, 2019)

Directed by Lina Zacher, Raharisoa Sitrakaniaina, Adrimamy Fenotoky Alpha, Raharison Nantenaina Adriano, Rakotondrabe Jean Chrisostome


12.9 / Cinenova Theatre 1 / 14:00 / 1:20h  + Creator Talk with Lina Zacher

Ten juvenile delinquents from the largest detention institution in Madagascar have joined a four-months film production workshop and discover the camera for the first time. It becomes a tool to observe, to document, to play around, to visualize their own ideas, thoughts and to rediscover and learn about their supposedly familiar surrounding through the camera lens. - A journey into the daily life of the minors, shaped by their struggles and dreams and their great spirit to invest all of their creativity, energy and inspiration to make their own film.

WORLD TAXI (Germany, 2019)

Directed by Philipp Majer


12.9 / Cinenova Theatre 1 / 16:15 / 1:22h

This film features five charismatic taxi drivers and their passengers from five different cities: Bangkok, Pristina, Dakar, El Paso and Berlin. For 24 hours, we follow them through their city, their daily routine, their private life, listening to their thoughts.

DO NOT FEAR (Germany, 2019)

Directed by Manuel Rees


11.9 / Cinenova Theatre 2 / 18:50 / 1:07h

The rumors that he as a pastor would wear women's clothes, force Hans-Gerd Spörkel after 27 years of community work to take a break, his then wife separates from him, the village turns away. Half a year later she resolutely returns as Elke Spörkel and holds her first service as a woman.

Deceptive Diplomacy  (Sweden, 2018) 

Directed by Axel Gordh Humlesjö


11.9 / Kulturkirche Ost / 18:15 / 60 min

DECEPTIVE DIPLOMACY is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed investigating documentary from 2018 that exposed the cover-up within the UN to hide crucial evidence about the murder of the UN experts Zaida Catalán and Michael Sharp in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But it is also a gripping story about two people that wanted to change the world in one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Rebels With A Cause (Germany, 2019)

Directed by Dobrivoie Kerpenisan


12.9 / Cinenova Theatre 1 / 18:00 / 55 min

Dobrivoie Kerpenisan arrived in Romania on the 17th. December 1989 - just a few hours before all borders were closed. He was an art student in Germany and returned to Sanpetru Mare to visit his grandparents.

What happened in this small village not far from Timisoara during the week prior to Christmas 1989?

What he captured was heated rebellion and anarchy in his native village, mass protests, looting and severely wounded bodies in Timişoara.