List of Nominations.

"Best Experimental Film" The Nominees


Directed by Zann Gill


11.9 / Kulturkirche Ost / 14:00 (Experimental Films 1-3)

HELLO WORLD is a short “media mascot” applauding media arts and technology that motivate us to save Earth and its Ocean. More than ever before, to value our environmental and cultural heritage, and to demand social justice, we must speak in our own voices, discover our unique talents, tell our stories, and find ways to “make media actionable.”

Scenes from a Transient Home (South Africa, 2019)

Directed by Roger Horn


11.9 / Kulturkirche Ost / 14:00 (Experimental Films 1-3)

Roger Horn is a filmmaker and post-doctoral research associate at Freie Universität Berlin in the Visual & Media Anthropology MA program. His PhD in Social Anthropology was titled, "Memories, material culture, and methodology: Employing multiple filmic formats, forms, and informal archives in anthropological research among Zimbabwean migrant women" and included several accompanying films which have screened widely at festivals.

HEGEL'S ANGEL  (Haiti, 2019)

Directed by Simone Rapisarda Casanova


11.9 / Kulturkirche Ost / 15:30 / 1:10h

Inspired by southern Haiti’s Vodou and Kanaval cosmologies, and co-written with the entire cast and crew, Zanj Hegel La (Hegel’s Angel) is a cinematic fable challenging the boundaries between fiction, ethnography and reverie. The film follows an inquisitive boy named Widley whose life, suspended between mundane activities and foreign myths, unfolds away from the turmoil of an upcoming presidential election.

Female Signs  (Iran, 2019) 

Directed by Nousha Saidi


11.9 / Kulturkirche Ost / 17:00 / 1:00h

A new mother dog attacking a mother, led to the start of a connection between these two female.

How Bluebirds Are Born (USA, 2018)

Directed by Lexi Bass


11.9 / Kulturkirche Ost / 14:00 (Experimental Films 1-3)

Carl Jung suggests that dreams may be the language by which our unconscious minds communicate with our conscious minds, and that dream diaries kept over years may produce patterns. In my own records of 12 years, predatory birds repeatedly appear as emblems of sexual predation.