List of Nominations.

Rules & Terms

The submitted film must have been produced within the last 3 Years before the IFFC begins.

If a film is nominated it will be shown in full length at the IFFC. Every film will need to provide a digital copy of the film and a DCP wether it was shot digitally or not.


The IFFC will not pay any screening fees and will not demand screening fees from the submitters.


After the entries closed, projects can not be withdrawn. A withdrawal is only possible when the entries are open.


Legal Note:

All rights to the image, sound etc. must be obtained from the submitter. The festival is not liable for any violations of copyright and personal rights, as well as marketing rights or trademarks.


If one of the violations is committed, the subcontractor is liable for any damaging loss.


About hate and violence:

Films that express hatred towards ethnic groups are automatically disqualified. It should be noted that the representation of this hatred in itself does not lead to disqualification, but the desired meaning behind it. Accordingly, if a movie poses or trumps hatred against ethnic groups, it will be disqualified.

The same applies to glorifying violence. If violence is glorified or positively presented, the film will be disqualified.

So violence itself does not disqualify, but glorifying it does.


The person or organization that is submitting the film must own the rights to do so and is responsible for the content they are providing. By submitting, the filmmaker allows IFFC to present their film in front of a live audience and to upload it onto our website without infringing copyright of any kind of form. The entry fee is not refundable for films that did not get selected. The entry fee is not refundable for films that were withdrawn.


By entering your film for consideration for the International Film festival Cologne, you authorize that your work is cleared for festival exhibition and accept full legal responsibility for the intellectual property therein. Entry into the festival constitutes permission to exhibit your work in front of a live audience at the International Film Festival Cologne. International Film Festival Cologne is also hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt (film sequence, sound or photo) from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless the International Film festival Cologne from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered. The International Film Festival Cologne does not pay screening fees. By submitting your film via FilmFreeway you acknowledge that the festival will not pay to present your work.


Now, submit!


Regarding Ticket sales:

By purchasing a Ticket, you agree to have read and agreed to all terms&conditions.


Terms&Conditions for Ticket sales:

Tickets can only be refunded if the event is canceled, not if it is postponed.

In any other case, the Tickets will not be refunded.

If the Tickets are refunded, only the Ticket excluding the Payment Processing costs and Filmfreeways share will be refunded.


The Ticket gives you access to make free reservations for all screenings. To reserve a Ticket you have to get a Ticket at the ticketbooth located at the Cinema Venue. This Ticket grants you access to that specific screening.


By attending the IFFC you agree to follow all instructions by our hygiene staff. If you do not follow the instructions or deliberately disregard the rules, we have the right to exclude you from the event.


After entering the IFFC you will have to wear a Ticket badge with a Number. You are strictly forbidden to change this Badge with someone else. This Badge helps us identify you when taking a seat in the cinema.

If you change the badge or give us false information about you, you will be responsible for all damages caused by your misconduct and will be responsible to pay for all fines and penalty fees caused by your misconduct.

When entering the IFFC you will have to fill out an information form on your phone. All information must be correct. If not, you will be responsible for all damages caused by your misconduct and will be responsible to pay for all fines and penalty fees caused by your misconduct.


If you watch a screening, you will be given a specific seat in advance. This does not mean that you will be seated randomly. You can choose your seat with others or as a group. All Guests will be seated in groups of ten. These groups will have a distance of one chair to each other. By attending and reserving a ticket you agree to this circumstance.

If you wish to sit alone, please tell us 24 hours prior to the screening so we can prepare for it.


By attending the IFFC you agree to always keep a distance of 1,5m to strangers (only when not sitting) and to always wear a face mask. The face masks can be taken off when eating, or when you have taken a seat in the cinema, but we highly recommend you to wear the face mask while watching a screening!


If you disregard the hygiene rules by the city of Cologne, the state of NRW or nationwide rules for Germany, the IFFC, organized by the Szenefilm Diehl GmbH, will not be held responsible for any violations or disregard of the applicable hygiene rules commited by you. Any costs, fines or penalty fees will be payed by the one who committed the violation and in no case by the IFFC (Szenefilm Diehl GmbH).


All of this may sound heavy, but if you simply follow our rules and be nice, you`r good to go.