Black Bauhinia

By Malte Philipp Kaeding

UK, 2020

Documentary, 76 min

Saturday 17:45


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Black Bauhinia examines Hong Kong’s struggle against the Chinese regime and evokes universal contemplations about resistance against authoritarianism, the question of identity, and the meaning of homeland. The documentary offers the first comprehensive and balanced account of localism – a movement that has radically transformed Hong Kong’s domestic and international relations and attracted the wrath of the Chinese regime.
The collaborative filmmaking approach incorporates diverse voices of frontline protestors, different generations of activists, and critics of the movement. The documentary captures the desperation of activists holding on to hope and their fears of defeat and the futility of their sacrifices. This is juxtaposed with the painful reflections of responsibility and identity as refugees in the West. Black Bauhinia is a timely document of the fight against a disappearing Hong Kong.