The accreditation grants you access to the following events:

  • Complete access to all 30 films screened at the festival

  • Access to all artist talks and Panels  held at the festival

  • Access to the IFFC`s Opening Night at the Hotel Stadtpalais via guest list

  • Access to the award ceremony of the IFFC 2022

You are eligible for an industry accreditation if you are employed by a company, or a freelancer working in:

  • film industry

  • film festival

  • artistic agency/agent


Please send a written e-mail including the following information at

  • (Company) name and address

  • Your Profession

  • List of recent projects and involvements

  • A Portrait/ID picture for identification purposes

Accreditations can be submitted until May 29th 7pm (GMT+2).

Accreditation fee 45€

Apply for an accreditation: