Our Venues

KWB im Stadtpalais

The hotel Stadtpalais represents a remarkable combination of historical and modern architecture. After a complex renovation of the former historic Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bad the comfortable First-Class-Hotel Stadtpalais was born.






Deutz-Kalker Strasse 52


50679 Köln

Filmforum NRW


The Filmforum NRW im Museum Ludwig was founded in 2006 in a collaborative effort from nine different members. Since then it has been the host of numerous Filmfestivals, film premieres and lectures. Through a shared effort by the different members, it has managed to establish itself as a location for film history and contemporary film culture. 

The Filmforum NRW is equipped with 257 seats.





Bischofsgartenstr. 1

50667 Köln


The Filmpalette was inaugurated in the 50s and has since kept it’s charm in it’s historical hall and it’s star sky. Renovated in 2007, it has since been expanded with a second movie theatre.





Lübecker Straße 15

50668 Köln

Rex am Ring

The Rex am Ring is one of the oldest German Cinemas located on the Cologne Ring. After three years of renovation it reopened in 2017 with 7 cinema theatres and new technology.







Hohenzollernring 60

50672 Köln

Kulturkirche Ost

The Kulturkirche Ost in Cologne-Buchforst is a modern Protestant church building inaugurated in 1968 and designed by the architects Georg Rasch and Winfried Wolsky.





Kopernikusstraße 32/34


51065 Köln