A Thousand Hours

By Carl Moberg

Sweden, 2021

Feature Film, 102 min

Saturday 16:00

Rex Am Ring

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Anna’s and Thomas’ bandmate was not supposed to die. And Anna was not supposed to kiss Thomas in the aftermath. Nor was she supposed to leave everything and move to Berlin. And Thomas was most certainly not supposed to just show up in Berlin one day, when she’s gotten a new life and moved on from him. But music has its own way.

A Thousand Hours is about Anna, musician from Copenhagen, her music dreams and her search for love – and herself. The film is a romantic drama and a music film with newly written music by up n coming scandinavian artists. It takes place in Berlin and Copenhagen and is shot in Copenhagen, Berlin & Malmo.

The film is said to speak particurlarily to the current generation of young people who feel rootless and lost; its the soundtrack of their lives.